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        About Us

        Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd.(“Sinochem Holdings”) is formed through the restructuring of Sinochem Group Co., Ltd. and China National Chemical Corporation Ltd. It is a leading state-owned enterprise under the supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Headquartered in Beijing, Sinochem Holdings has more than 220,000 employees.

        Business & Products

        • Life Science

          Life Science

          This segment consists of agrochemicals and animal nutrition business.

        • Materials Science

          Materials Science

          We have laid out the industrial chain aligning with core industries of the national economy, focusing on developing high...

        • Petrochemicals


          Dominated by petrochemicals, our basic chemicals cover chlor-alkali chemicals, coal chemicals and inorganic chemicals.

        • Environmental Science

          Environmental Science

          This segment covers various fields such as water, atmosphere, solid waste, soil remediation and testing, with consultati...

        • Rubber & Tire

          Rubber & Tire

          This segment covers the development, manufacturing and distribution of consumer tires, industrial tires and rubber conve...

        • Machinery & Equipment

          Machinery & Equipment

          We are committed to becoming a first class provider of overall solutions for chemical equipment and supplying comprehens...

        •  City Operation

          City Operation

          We are well positioned to provide high-end and premium products and services in adherence to the mission of “Unleashing ...

        • Industrial Finance

          Industrial Finance

          This segment covers trust, financial leasing, life insurance, industrial funds, commercial factoring, insurance brokerag...


        Press Room

        News Releases

        Media Reports

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